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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Avoiding the Spotlight

"He would withdraw to deserted places to pray." Lk 5:16

What do you think Jesus prayed about when he withdrew to deserted places? In the Gospel of Luke, it seems clear that he wanted only to be his Father' emissary. Rejecting what we would call a personality cult that focused on him and his miracles, Jesus withdraws in order to avoid the spotlight that might mislead his disciples and hearers.

Committed to announcing the Good News of God's unfathomable love, Jesus reminds all not to worry or be afraid because God is and will always be among us, and desires reconciliation before all else. It is not our sins and faults that worry God, but our unwillingness to turn to God in our need.

More important, it seems likely that Jesus' prayer in "deserted places" was a time of union with his Father during which he prayed for all humankind. Jesus cannot and will not force our hand or demand that we repent. Rather, he prays that we will all see the light of God's love and live in it.

Today, avoid drawing attention to yourself; pray for someone else.

Does your prayer for yourself, your family and others reflect the prayer of Jesus? 

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