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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Accepting God's Compassion

“Go home to your family and announce to them all that the Lord in his pity has done for you.” Mk 5:19

For most of us, thank God, life makes sense most of the time. We are blessed with homes, friends, food and family. We have resources upon which we can call when we are in trouble or sick. We know, even if we do not always appreciate it, that we are not alone. Jesus offers this same consolation in today's gospel. Healing a possessed man who was living among the tombs, in  a cemetery, he sends him home and asks only that he speak to his family about the Lord's compassion.

Learning to accept and even be grateful for life as it comes to us, no matter the suffering it brings, is one of the hardest lessons we learn. We push back, avoid, deny and wrestle with the dark turns that life brings us. Suffering is not good, but suffering for the sake of the truth and the voiceless is sanctity.

Today, accept whatever comes to you with gratitude.

Have you known anyone who gave their life for the sake of others?

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