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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Responding to the Impossible

"Unclean spirit, come out of this man." Mk 5:8

It's natural to want to stay where we are comfortable and safe. When we are warm, well fed and able to rest comfortably, we don't want to be bothered looking around at the world as it is. Some of those following Jesus wanted the Lord to avoid going to places and encountering people who were so troubled no one knew how to respond to them.

Such is the case with the terribly troubled man who, when asked his name, responds that they are legion. Perhaps a person afflicted with mulitple personality disorder, he frightens those who get too close to him, but Jesus refuses to ignore him.  Neither can we turn away from situations and people who seem hopeless.

Today for instance, Christians cannot allow themselves to ignore the plight of the people of Yemen. Locked in a civil war that threatens 75% of its people with starvation, Yemenis need to know that Christians will help lead the world's response to their plight and work together across ethnic, religious and cultural lines to help find a way to peace for a people who are already desperately poor.

Today, ask for the strength of faith that will allow you to open your eyes to all those in need.

What happens to our hearts when we ignore or turn a blind eye to those most in need?

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