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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Images of God

"I will make you a light to the nations."  Is 49:6

Because it is impossible to adequately articulate who God is or how much God loves us, the bible reminds us to ask God to show us his glory, and uses images and metaphors to invite readers (and pray-ers) to empl0y their imaginations in trying to understand and enter the mystery of God's presence and love. The prophets even suggest God is like our husband or wife, a remarkable attempt to draw us closer to the God who promises never to abandon us.

Images like this can unnerve us, but that is not their intent. Rather, the prophets want to gently break down our easy, familiar categories of belief which can unwittingly lead us to take God and God's care for us for granted. When Isaiah speaks of God as our light or more demandingly, our husband or wife, he assures us that God, our light, is linked to us forever in a loving relationship of total commitment, even when we are in exile.

Today, ask God to slow you down in order to make Advent a time of conversion and new life.

What image of God most impacts your prayer life?

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