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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Capuchin Appalachian Mission

My Friends,

If you are looking for a little hope, read what follows. Mark Bonney is a personal friend and a friend of the Capuchins. If you want to offer financial support for a wonderful program, please consider the Capuchin Appalachian Mission (CAM) You can read about it and view a video here:

Thanks for considering this!

Br Jack

By Mark Bonney -- This year, Capuchin Youth and Family Ministry (CYFM) is leading its 25th Capuchin Appalachian Mission. We have had a remarkable fund raising campaign and, as always, Tom Brinkman, CYFM Director, and his team are doing amazing work preparing us all for the journey ahead. The journey begins on Saturday. I was thinking this morning that this might be a good topic for your daily blog, a simple reminder of the importance of helping the poor and dislocated in society, both at home and afar, more directly than your daily messages which do that more subtly.

The trip for me is both a wonderful way of giving of myself in a tangible way through direct service but it is also the most important of the ways I help CYFM and through that the Province of St. Mary. With that in mind I was wondering if either a link to the CAM page, or if you felt that would alter the blog's purpose, perhaps a separate message sent to the subscribers of your blog might raise awareness of the efforts of CYFM and the CYFM family and perhaps even raise a few extra dollars.

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