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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Holding the Impossible

"This kind can only come out through prayer." Mk 9:29

One of the dangers in being called to ministry is that we very often encounter people when they are in acute distress. Their children are addicted and acting out, their parents are in jail, a sister is seriously mentally ill or a brother is unable to tell the truth, and they look to us for insight and wisdom. The list of woes goes on and on, and often skews our worldview. Life feels like a very dark place and unless we are careful we begin to believe that the entire world is a mess.

When the disciples were unable to cast out a devil from a young boy, his parents complained to Jesus. Jesus listened carefully and reminded the boy's parents that everything was possible for those who believed. When the boy's father professed his faith, Jesus healed the young boy, and assured the disciples that they, too, could heal but that they needed to pray more. Good advice for all of us. Prayer itself does not assure healing, but reminds us to grow in the faith that allows us to let go and depend completely on God.

Today, hold the impossible in your hands and ask the Lord for help.

What do you do when faced with impenetrable problems in life and ministry?

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