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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Knowing Who You Are

"I am not worthy to unfasten the sandals of his feet.” Acts 13:25

Knowing who we are and what our roles are as disciples is an essential element of our Gospel vocation. Like John the Baptist, we know we are not the Messiah and that our role is not to control others or the flow of the Good News. Rather, we are followers of the Risen Christ who take every opportunity to live in a such a way that allows others to know the God who has entered and transformed our lives. 

St Paul, like John the Baptist, is always simple and clear, and in this he becomes one of our models. Paul's first role was to preach his own repentance for killing Christians. Paul knew the Jewish community had lost its way. Somehow they had forgotten the purpose of the law and the message of the prophets. Because the leaders wanted only to preserve their power, they ignored Paul and his radical call to repentance so that when Paul converted to the way of Jesus, they ridiculed him.

The lesson for us is clear. No matter who speaks the truth or how different they might seem from our perspective, we need to listen and if necessary change for the sake of the Gospel. 

Today, pray to know your unique role as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Who do you most admire for their humility in accepting their role in proclaiming the Gospel?

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