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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Breakfast with the Lord

"Come, have breakfast." Jn 21:12

The ordinariness of Jesus's spirituality intrigues us. Let's have breakfast? Really? Could he have said this? Why not? The spirituality of St. John's gospel, although complex with ideas and notions, is really very simple. As the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams says: "St John's gospel is measured, it's careful, it's rhythmical and poetic. It's beautifully constructed, but it is extremely simple," (1) and that is what makes is so accessible and real.

A spirituality of the 21st century ought also be simple. In a society as complex and overrun with information technology as ours, a spirituality rooted in the everyday events and lives of ordinary people can help us enter the mystery of God's love in Jesus more organically and naturally.

Having Jesus prepare breakfast for his disciples after they had spent all night fishing invites us to know and love someone who sees and responds to our everyday lives in the most direct and natural way. More, it can help us live a spiritual life rooted in the ordinary events through which we encounter God everyday.

Today, ask someone to share breakfast with you.

How can you make your spirituality more ordinary and natural?

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