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Monday, February 29, 2016

God's Memory

“Do not take away your mercy from us, for the sake of Abraham, your beloved, Isaac your servant, and Israel your holy one, To whom you promised to multiply their offspring like the stars of heaven, or the sand on the shore of the sea." Dn 3:26

Daniel, unsure of his own power or political capital, asks God for mercy, not on his own account, but because of Abraham's fidelity and Isaac's vulnerability. Sure that God's memory is such that he will smile when remembering the openness of his faithful servants, Daniel depends on God's love for his beloved to set him free.

Praying for mercy, release and hope through the intercession of the Saints is an ordinary path Christians often take, and it is a good path. Saints like Mother Teresa of Calcutta offer us a powerful witness. For years she walked in darkness, confusion and doubt, but persevered. Knowing that it was not her task to be successful at prayer, meditation or ministry, but faithful to the unseen and unknown God, she continued to do what her vows demanded. She traveled the world on behalf of the Gospel and encouraged her sisters from the depths of her own fear and worry to listen to the scriptures, serve those in need and trust God.

Today, pick a saint who is attractive to you and ask her or him to help you be faithful.

What are the most difficult aspects of faith for you?

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