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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Racism and Faith

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body...You are worth more than many sparrows." Lk 12 4,7

It is easy enough for Jesus to tell us not to be afraid of those trying to kill us and that we are precious in God's sight, but when our life is actually threatened, it is another matter. Fear is natural and necessary. It can help us flee life threatening situations and warn us to be careful, but it is also dangerous, especially when our faith demands that we not run away.

Today might offer us a powerful opportunity to think and pray about racism in the United States. What must it be like for African American to find him/herself at dusk lost in a neighborhood that is clearly white and upper middle class? In these days of turmoil and pandemic, would they even risk stopping their car to ask for directions? That African Americans even have to ask this question ought to tell us more than we want to know about racism in our country.

Today, put yourself in the place of a minorityperson  in this country and pray for insight and action.

Who helped you understand the issues of race and class from a faith perspective?

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