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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

St Mark

"God opposes the proud, but bestows favor on the humble." 1 Pt 5b

There are a two traditions, some might call them legends, about St. Mark that emerged in the early church. Both are associated with water. The first is that Mark was the disciple charged with making sure that water, which Jesus would use to wash the feet of the apostles, was available at the Last Supper. The second named John as one of the servants who provided the water that Jesus would turn into wine at the wedding feast in Cana.

Clean drinking water is almost impossible to find in most of the world. Twice every three minutes a child dies from dirty water and though we rarely allude to it, the water used at Cana, because it was used for washing, was probably not drinkable, making the miracle even more amazing. The water that became the "best wine" came from water that would have sickened the guests if they had drunk it before it was transformed.

All of this to suggest that Mark, having brought the water for guests to wash their feet before the wedding, was himself washed clean of his doubts by the miracle he witnessed. More, Mark challenges us to find the Lord wherever we are. Whether we clean a kitchen or read God's word at Mass, the Lord is with us, transforming every moment into Good News.

Today do everything with simplicity and passion.

What are the ordinary tasks of each day that you could do better?

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