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Thursday, April 25, 2013


"We do not know where you are going; how can we know the way." Jn 14:5

While organization cannot substitute for mission, neither should it be underestimated. It is always helpful to have a plan, a goal and even a map, but this is not the way of Jesus who insists that if some want to be his disciple, they must know and love him who is the fullness of God.

We know that the message of Jesus is slow to enter our hearts in a transforming way, and even when it does, it often weakens, losing its hold on us. Our daily concerns with eating adequately, housing our families and planning for our future often distract us from our Gospel goals, but this should never be cause for despair. Jesus will always insist that his disciples have only to turn towards him to know of his love and willingness to show them again and again the path of life.

Helping friends know the Lord and where he is calling us should be a dimension of every Christian's life. How we do this is another matter. As long as we are willing to listen to others with compassion, even when they are lost, we will be able to help.

Today, listen to someone who is lost.

Do you know where it is God is calling you?

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