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Saturday, July 21, 2012

St. Lawrence of Brinidisi

"Do not forget the poor, O Lord." Ps 10

A genius with languages, he spoke five, Lawrence used his gifts to study the scriptures in their original languages, and became one of the most well known preachers of his day. His brother Capuchins were so taken by his knowledge and holiness that they elected him one their major superiors when he was barely thirty, and General Minister when he was forty three.

Men like Lawrence don't come along very often. Too often the very bright among us value their knowledge for its own sake, and even when they share it, their listeners are not led to conversion but admiration for the speaker or writer. Lawrence, named a doctor of the church in 1959, continues to be a model for scholars. Humble and committed to service of his brothers, he reminds us that all our gifts come from God and are meant to help others.

Today, ask God to help you share whatever gift you have with humility and hope for others.

What you say to someone who asked you to help them live a humble life?

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