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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being Spiritually Fit

“Therefore the Lord, the LORD of hosts, will send among his fat ones leanness.” Is 10:16

It is easy to become comfortable, to take life and faith for granted, but it only takes a simple problem or crisis to remind us that life and faith are great gifts for which we should always be grateful.  Striving to be lean, and to be conscious not only of our own situation and needs but the reality of life all over the world, helps us to live simply so that all can simply live.

For those of us who have had the privilege of visiting or living in the developing world, it is difficult not to notice the “leanness” of entire populations. Eating too much is almost impossible for most people in the world, especially when they have learned to eat enough to live, but to be conscious of all those who have nothing.

Learning to eat what we need for health and pleasure is a hugely difficult task in a society that presents us with five different kinds of peanut butter and thirty different jams and jellies, but in faith there are no excuses. We ought to delight in each day, while remembering  at the same time that when we take abundance for granted, we risk God’s wrath.

Today,  think thin spiritually.

What helps you discipline yourself in food and drink as a spiritual practice?

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