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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Firming up our Faith

“Unless your faith is firm, you will not be firm.” Is 7:9

Faith is something we need to work on. It is not a given. While it is true that faith is a free gift from God, we need to practice it or it becomes soft and empty, and of little value to ourselves or others.

Although there are many ways to live faith, we need to avoid the mistake of treating faith like one more thing to do in our busy days. Unless we put aside time to gather regularly at home and in our parishes, reflect deeply and study both the scriptures and our tradition, and serve those most in need we risk becoming “good” Catholics who forget that Jesus’ call is to discipleship not simply to Sunday Eucharist.

Faith is something that must transform our lives, not make us feel good. Think about those people of faith who you most admire. They live differently that those around them, and usually with little fanfare. They pay more attention to others than themselves and almost always are good listeners. Their faith is firm.

Today, ask yourself whether your lifestyle reflects your faith.

What practices most “firm up” your faith?

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