Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Devouring God's Word

"When I found your words, I devoured them; they became my joy and the happiness of my heart." Jer 15:16

Reading Jeremiah we can imagine thee prophet searching a path or in a mountain crevice for God's word. How will God's word look? Perhaps it will be a living word and he will hear it. When Jeremiah first began to look for God's word, he did not know how God would find him, but his commitment to God and to his vocation as a prophet assured him that God would be God and show him what he needed to be and do.

God does provide for us. Sometimes we have to look in strange or different places for what God wants to say to us, but we can always be sure that God is near, nearer in fact than our own breath. We must, however, respond to God and eat what God places before us, and like Jeremiah let God's word become our joy and happiness.

Eating God's word can sound strange to modern ears. We usually listen for God's word in our lives, but Jeremiah and his fellow prophets want always to remind us that listening is not enough. We must let God's word into our lives in order that it might do his transforming work. Eating God's word, chewing it and letting its nourishment be our strength only happens when we use all our entire body, mind, heart and spirit to make God's word the base of our lives.

Today, read God's word and savor it. Don't rush through your reading but allow the Word to penetrate your heart.

Was or is there a word of God that has changed your life for God?

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