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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Changing our Image of God

"For, as close as the loincloth clings to a man’s loins, so had I made the whole house of Israel and the whole house of Judah cling to me, says the LORD; to be my people, my renown, my praise, my beauty. But they did not listen." Jer 13: 10-11

Jeremiah's message from God is desperately sad. God wants us to cling to him as closely as a loincloth clings to our body, and just as any clothing can enhance our appearance, God wants both to shield us and make us more attractive. But we throw God's protective love off and try to live without God. Foolish though it is, we all do this from time to time, and usually it is an indicator that it is time to reexamine our image of God.

Often we make God in our image. We want God to be our companion, friend and protector, but on our terms. We also want God to fix us, heal our friends and family, and be more like a magician than a God. God is clear. He will not invade us or take away our freedom. We must choose to let God be near because God wants only to be with us, not control us.

Made in God's image and wanting to be like Jesus in the world, we must offer those around us the same freedom God gives us. We are not called to control others, fix them or even direct their lives. Rather, like God, we must accompany others and help them respond to God's desire for them.

Today, let God be your protector and guide.

What has been your experience of letting God be God?

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