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Friday, June 27, 2014

Immaculate Heart of Mary

"Remember your flock which you built up of old, the tribe you redeemed as your inheritance, Mount Zion, where you took up your abode." Ps 74:2

The psalmist often calls on God to remember how much he loves his people, and the psalmist's cry is strong, demanding and passionate. Knowing that God is forgiving and generous, the psalmist begs God to forget the sins we all commit, and to remember only the good people do and intend.

In many ways, Mary does the same for us from her Immaculate Heart. Knowing how much God loves her and how impossible it is for God to turn away from her, Mary acts as our primary intercessor before the throne of God, and we can and ought to seek her help regularly and without fear.

A mother above all, Mary is alert to the needs, fears and strengths of her children. Because Mary had to endure the stares and questions of the people from her home village when she first became pregnant, and accompany her son on his way to Golgotha, she knows suffering from the inside and is called the mother of compassion for a good reason. Mary's Immaculate heart is always open to us. We have only to approach her with confidence to know that she wants to accompany us in order that we might trust her son with our entire lives.

Today, ask Mary to help you accept yourself as you are.

Do you have the heart of a compassionate mother?

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