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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"As you sent me into the world, so I sent them". Jn 17:19

Unconditional service of others is an essential element and mark of authentic Christianity. The willingness to care for others in need simply because they are in need is a powerful sign to the world that our cause is purely motivated. We reach out for the neediest, even our enemies, because we see Christ in every person and God's hand in all creation. This gospel challenge, however, is difficult and can seem overwhelming.

When people asked Mother Teresa how she managed to care for the thousands of people dying on the streets of Calcutta, her answer was always the same. I don't. I respond to one person at a time, and while she sometimes was criticized for not addressing the structural deficiencies that caused so much suffering and death, her witness agitated and energized people all over the world to do something about the underlying causes of poverty.

Christ continues to send us, his disciples, into a bruised and battered world, and it is our willingness to accept this mission of compassion and care for the forgotten and voiceless that demonstrates to people and nations that God's spirit is still alive within and among us.

Today, don't be afraid to help someone in need with whatever you have: a smile, a glass of water, a kind word.

What are your biggest obstacles and fears in giving yourself as a servant to others in Christ's name?

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