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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dedication of the Basilica of St Francis

Today, Franciscans celebrate the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis.

"The temple of God is holy, and you are that temple." 1 Cor 3:17

Not infrequently, we hear the voice of God. Sometimes it is in the compassionate act of a another. At other times, it comes us to us in prayer, and often we know what it is that God would have us do as we attentively walk the path God has set our for us. Heeding the voice of God in all creation, listening with an open heart for God's will, and searching for signs of God's presence and desire for us are all tasks of the adult believer.

For almost 800 years pilgrims have been trekking to the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi to seek favors, to honor this great Saint and discover again God's will for them. The church itself is magnificent, a true catechetical wonder. One can walk through the upper and lower basilicas and trace the life and ministry of St Francis, but it is not until one descends to the crypt that one encounters the paradoxical power of the little poor man of Assisi, buried in stark simplicity.

It is in the crypt where one finds pilgrims kneeling, praying, and meditating, knowing that the spirit of St. Francis, surrounded by the remains of many of his first followers, is still there, crying out to the open spirited to simplify their lives and live the gospel in love and hope.

Today, do one thing to simply your life. Then listen for the voice of God

Who or what has most spoken to you of God's will for your life?

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