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Monday, May 25, 2020

Living a Public Life of Faith

"What will happen to me there (in Jerusalem) I do not know, except that in one city after another the Holy Spirit has been warning me that imprisonment and hardships await me." Acts 20 22-23

Faith is costly. St Paul knew this. When in Acts of the Apostles he warns the disciples to be faithful to the living word of Jesus, he knows some of them will be threatened, punished and even lose their lives. As he prepares to return to Jerusalem, he reminds the disciples that he did everything he could for them and will continue to do so, despite the cost, and expects them to do the same for one another and for the Gospel

Sometimes, because we live in the developed world, faith is not terribly costly. We are free for the most part to practice our faith and live it in freedom without too many threats from our government or culture, but we have to be cautious. If the only reason our faith is easy to practice is because we don't challenge the authorities then we have to reflect seriously about our public lives. Do we really work to protect life from its beginnings to its natural end? Do we work for a society that treasures children in the womb, those living on the edge of our society, the developmentally disabled and the elderly. These are real questions in the midst of pandemic and we cannot shrink from them.

Today, take a look at your village or city's budget and ask yourself about its priorities?

Whose public life of faith most impresses you?

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