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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sniping at Those with whom we Disagree

"Whoever is not against us is for us." Mk 9:40

Though  I rarely comment on politics in this blog, the text today certainly seems to apply to our nation and church. Like most Americans, I remain befuddled by the sniping that seems never to end among President Trump, the media and the newly elected Congress, and I am angry. What happens to us as a people and a church when we fail to look at issues and concerns from the other side of wherever we stand, and more important, what happens when we only think about protecting our own assets?

Isn't this what fueled the sexual abuse crisis? I have no doubt Catholic people, though horrified, would have accepted the reality of some priests abusing children and young adults, but the cover up of these sins and crimes by bishops and others has made this awaful reality much worse.

Jesus faced this in his life and warned his sisters and brothers in the Jewish community against being so divided that they collapse. Surely, he would say the same to us in our country and church. How is it possible not to work for a deeper unity when so many people, especially children, are in need? Unless we find a way to speak with one another about critical issues like hunger, housing, health care, the trafficking and abuse of children, and immigration reform, we will be clanging symbols that the rest of the world rightly ignores and ridicules.

Today, be silent. Say nothing for a while and see what happens when you listen.

What do you think most divides us as a country and a church?

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