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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Listening with the Heart

"Immediately the man’s ears were opened." Mk 7:35

A older friend, struggling with his hearing and beginning to feel very isolated, told me he would have preferred to lose the use of his eyes than his ears. Embarrassed to ask people to repeat themselves, he found himself not participating in conversations and shying away from communal gatherings. Though he has hearing aids, he still often feels alone in a group and ignored by people with whom he often had enjoyable conversations.

Sometimes, although we hear perfectly well, we fail to respond to others who are struggling. Too busy, too self absorbed or too compulsed by the need to succeed, we fail to spend time with those struggling with physical infirmities and become "deaf" ourselves. As Lent nears, let us open our ears to anyone, especially members of our family, who are struggling.

Today, listen to someone you normally avoid.

What have you been privileged to hear that opened your heart to the Gospel?

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