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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Being Prepared

"You also must be prepared." Mt 24:44

Due diligence is an important quality in life. We ought to be prepared for whatever it is God wants of us. Preachers, for instance, should not presume or take advantage of God's promise to give us the words we need to confound our enemies or those who think differently than us about God or faith without adequate preparation. Reading, reflection and meditation on God's word are essential for anyone commissioned to proclaim God's word.

Everyday Christians, all of whom have a vocation or a call from God to live and speak Good News, must also prepare themselves by a faith filled life that values personal and communal prayer, spiritual reading, especially of the Bible, and good works of charity and justice. Pope St Clement says it this way, "There are many gates that stand open, but the gate of justice is the gateway of Christ."

Today, make a choice to live more simply for others.

How do you prepare your heart for the struggles that come with living your faith?

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