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Sunday, November 13, 2016

What do you want from God?

"What do you want me to do for you?" Lk 18:41

That Jesus asks a blind man what he wants is amazing.  It seems so obvious that the man wants to see, but Jesus asks anyway.  When the man says that he wants to see, Jesus heals him but at the same time reminds him that something even more important has happened.  The young man can see because he believed in Jesus' power.

The story, which first seems to be about a blind man recovering his sight, becomes a story about all of us.  When we place our trust in and hand over our lives to the Lord, we are saved.  The humility that allows us to let go of our fear and our pride and ask for help, makes it possible for the Lord to change our lives. Asking for help is difficult and can sometimes make us feel weak, but it is a necessary step in the spiritual life.

In our society, the desire and willingness to help others with compassion and understanding is strong. Most of us feel better about ourselves when we reach out to those in need. Accepting others help, however, is difficult for most, and causes us to wonder what we would say to Jesus if He asked what we wanted him to do for us.

Today, ask the Lord for the help you need to live the Gospel more fully.

Are you able to ask for help, even financial assistance, when you need it?

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