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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rededicating Ourselves to Christ

"Let us go up to purify the sanctuary and rededicate it." 1 MC 4:36

Last week I helped celebrate the Confirmation of 40 young Catholics. It was a festive day full of joy, and many of us were thinking of our own Confirmation. Although few Catholics I know celebrate the anniversary of their Confirmation, it is something we ought to consider. Confirmation challenges us to focus more intently and naturally on the promises made for us by our parents at Baptism.

Taking time to remember and reclaim the gift of being anointed as priests, prophets and rulers, all of whom were rubbed with oil to signal their call to live faith fully, we realize we are never alone on our faith journey. Anointed as priests we are also challenged to gather others and consecrate all in God's name for worship, and as prophets we accept the challenge to remind everyone of the great demand of Christ to live his law. But most of all, Confirmation reminds us that Baptism is about dying to self in order to live for Christ in the sure hope that we have already been saved and have only to live out baptism's call in order to know and live with God forever.

Today, like the Maccebees of old, let us rededicate ourselves to a life of discipleship.

Do you ever think of your Baptism or Confirmation?

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