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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Letting God Find Us

"Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Mt 10:6

Jesus seems always able to summon mercy and understanding when meeting the poor and broken. Somehow he sees those most in need with compassionate eyes and heart, and responds to them without judgement. While Jesus can be hard on those who should know better, he seems never to dismiss the struggling. In fact, the scripture tells us that he sees them as lost sheep.

Sheep are naturally communal and always anxious to hear the voice of the shepherd calling and leading them to places where they can graze and find safety at night. Without shepherds, sheep can easily become disoriented and wander from the flock, and when they do they are easy prey for predators. Jesus knows this and promises us if  we accept his guidance that he will feed us with bread that lasts for ever and lead us to streams that will always run free.

Captured by God's love, we find ourselves spending more time being grateful than worrying about our past faults, and discover, to our delight and God's, that we have very little time for wrong doing and sin. Filled with gratitude for all that God is and does, our joyful and free spirits shout Good News.

Today, acknowledge where you are lost and ask for help.

Can you remember times God found you when you felt lost and aimless?

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