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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The God of Second Chances

"To the penitent God provides a way back, he encourages those who are losing hope and has chosen for them the lot of truth." Sir 17:20

Ours is a God of second chances. And third chances and on and on. Immoderately and overwhelmingly forgiving, God is always urging us to begin again, to trust and not be afraid. Jesus' greeting of peace in today's gospel is our assurance that God's patience has not worn thin, if anything it is fuller and deeper. Though his disciples abandoned him at his most vulnerable, Jesus forgives and greets them with the power of Shalom/Peace, a word that means be yourself, don't be afraid, I want you to know of my love and acceptance even in your weakness.

The days that follow Pentecost are a time to remember how God's love in Jesus did not die with his death. Rather, he has been raised up and given us the gift of his Spirit who will accompany us every day, even when we forget God's love. God is giving his disciples and us a second chance to understand and be transformed by the Spirit. Though we will fail and fall along the way, God will always be waiting to pick us up and send us on our way.

Today, be grateful for all the second chances in your life.

Have you experienced God as a God of second chances?

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