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Friday, May 8, 2015

Awe and Wonder

"As they traveled from city to city, they handed on to the people for observance the decisions reached by the Apostles and presbyters in Jerusalem. Day after day the churches grew stronger in faith and increased in number." Acts 16: 4-5

What does it take to grow stronger as an individual and a family? In the early post Pentecostal church, the disciples knew how important their unity in faith was for themselves and for the community of believers. When we argue over the smaller details of life and faith, we hurt ourselves and others, and scandalize those who look to people of faith for the willingness to put aside their differences for the greater good of all.

Thomas Merton once wrote that people will know who we are by the way we walk, talk and pick things up and hold them in our hands. When we walk, and don't rush past, all we see, when we speak with compassion and understanding, and when we hold everyone and everything with tenderness and delight, we proclaim the Gospel with power and clarity. Our reverence for the God who lives everywhere and in everyone invites all to gratitude.

Today, pray for the unity of your family and our church.

Whose integrity and reverence for all creation shaped your faith?

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