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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


"You will do well to be attentive to it (the prophetic message), as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts." 2 Pt  1:19

There are times when a light goes on in our spirits and we know who we are before God and what we are to do. Sometimes God's call is simple. We know not to act, but to sit quietly and wait. At other times, we are sure that we should visit a sick friend or make a phone call to sibling or former coworker. While these actions might seem unimportant, we know different. Our spirits call us to reach out for the needy and respond to those who are lonely or afraid. Listening to God in quiet prayer and reflection each day helps us attend to God's gentle promptings,  reminds us that God is always present within and among us, and that we have only to respond to God when God calls.

The apostles Peter, James and John began to learn this lesson when Jesus took them up a high mountain. Whether the apostles were anxious about taking this unusual journey with Jesus is not clear, but it seems they were very anxious when Moses and Elijah appeared to them. Not sure how to respond, they could not discern that Jesus was telling them he was the new Moses and the new Prophet who would fulfill for and through them everything that God planned for his people.

Learning to be still, and to listen to God everyday will help us not to make Peter's mistake and stammer out our willingness to remain in any place where the Lord speaks to us. Jesus is inviting his apostles on another part of his journey. There is no need for them (or us) to cling to him or to anything that reminds us of him. Rather, we are to trust that his desire for us will be made clear to us as we attend to his word and offer service to the needy.

Today, practice being still and listening to the voice of God in the ordinary events of the day.

Have there been moments in your life when you knew clearly what God wanted from you?

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