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Monday, July 14, 2014

St Bonaventure

"Jesus began to reproach the towns where most of his mighty deeds had been done, since they had not repented." Mt 11:20

Why does it see to take a diagnosis of a serious illness to get our attention and encourage us to live a healthier lifestyle? Why must we lose friends because we are too buy to pay attention to them? Why do we rush around trying to get four things done when no one demands this of us?  Questions like these haunt us. Sometimes the answers are easy and lead to change. At other times, we seem unable to understand our own behavior.

Jesus went about Palestine announcing that the reign of God was near, and although many heard him, relatively few let his message into their hearts in a transforming way. Others resisted or rejected the Good News because they were afraid to change their lives. Soon enough we hear Jesus, especially in Matthew's Gospel, warning the people to repent, to change their lives, and to listen with open spirits to his powerful word, but too many of them, like us, had more to do than listen to an itinerant rabbi.

Jesus' warnings and our own experience ought to shake us up and move us beyond our fears. The Lord knows we are afraid, that we resist and distance ourselves from him and all that he proclaims, but he keeps asking us to let go, to listen and return to him. When we accept Jesus' invitation in confience and love our fears seem to dissolve and our doubts are replaced by trust in our all loving God.

Today, pray for honesty in your personal and faith life.

What helps you to overcome your fears about faith and spirituality?

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