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Monday, January 20, 2014

St Agnes

"The LORD said to Samuel: “How long will you grieve for Saul, whom I have rejected as king of Israel?" 1 Sam 16:1

The loss of a dream can be overwhelming. A sudden illness that makes it impossible to complete one's education, the collapse of a small business as economic times change, or the failure of a marriage can shatter the strongest among us. Although we have heard wise friends tell us that expectations are the seeds of disappointment, we somehow believe that we are immune from the emptiness of failure, until it happens.

Samuel loved Saul who at first became a great king but then let his power go to his head. God became disillusioned with Saul and told Samuel that he longer wanted him as king. Naturally, Samuel who had anointed Saul, wanted Saul to remain as king but knew that because Saul had disobeyed God,  he was no longer a worthy king, and even though Saul tried to repent, Samuel knew that God had rejected him as king and chosen another to lead Israel. Samuel's dream died hard.

The death of a dream is not the end of the world. When we ask for and live by faith, the end of one dream can be the start of another. The simple saying that when God closes a door, he opens a window is true, but we cannot know this until we ask God what God wants next for us. While our personal dreams might die, God's dream for us lives on, and we have only to follow it.

Today, ask God what God wants for you.

What dream of yours has been the most difficult to let go?

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