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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

St. Boniface

"He is not God of the dead but of the living." Mk 12:26

The arguments between Jesus and the Sadducees often seem silly. Trying to trap Jesus, the Sadducees ask him to comment on the incredulous situation of a woman whose husband, one of seven brothers, dies. Knowing the Levirate law demands a man marry his brother's widow, the Sadducees fabricate a story in which each of the six remaining brothers marries the woman only to die, leaving the woman a widow.

Trying to prove that there is no resurrection, the Sadducees ask Jesus to whom the seven times widowed woman will be married at the resurrection, but Jesus undermines their preposterous scenario. Insisting that in the resurrection there will be no marrying or giving in marriage, he reminds them God is a God of the living not the dead.  In other words, pay attention to what is happening now. Respond to God in the present, and stop ridiculing others whose beliefs differ from yours.

Whenever we are trying too hard to be right or to a prove a point, we run the risk of distorting the truth. Only a commitment to live the Gospel well each day saves us from the foolishness of the Sadducees.

Today, ask for the grace to live each moment with delight and joy.

What situations tempt you to use silly arguments to prove your point?

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