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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

St Athanasius

"Remain in my love." Jn 15

Staying in love is simple enough but demands steady discipline. People who remain in love remember that nothing is more important than time with the other and a willingness to listen without distraction. The same is true in the spiritual life.

Being faithful to prayer that is marked by more listening than talking is a very good place to start and stay in the spiritual life. Making time for quiet and reflection no matter how we feel on a given day demonstrates our fidelity to the most important elements of an enduring love relationship.

St Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria for 45 years spent 16 of them in exile and what marked his service to the church was faithfulness. Despite being under constant pressure to change his theological opinion about the divinity of Christ, Athanasius never wavered and his ascetical writings are marked by his appreciation of the simple and deeply prayerful life of the desert hermits who spent their lives in quiet and reflection.

Today take an extra five minutes for quiet prayer.

What spiritual practices help you remain in love with God??

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