Saturday, May 18, 2013


"Each one heard them speaking in his own language." Acts 2:5

Calling Pentecost  the birthday of the church can be a distraction. Pentecost is not only the beginning of the church, it is an event that changes everything in the disciples' lives. It transforms them in ways they could never have anticipated. Not only do the disciples discover the courage to speak and live the Gospel despite the cost, people hear them without benefit of knowing Hebrew, Greek or whatever language the disciples were speaking. The transformation that takes place in the disciples' lives is so palpable that others "hear" their message not only with words but because of the disciples' witness. 

Pentecost belongs to all of us. It promises us knowledge strength, wisdom, insight, understanding and so much more. Pentecost empowers us to trust God to lead us beyond our fears and into the fullness of faith. It assures us that God is always close, and ready to lead us along the path of light. Though darkness will come to all, the light of Christ will never fail and the Spirit of God will be our guide.

As we enter more deeply into the 21st century we need to ask God to draw us into a new Pentecost, a time of reform, renewal and hope. The gospel does not lack any power, but our lives do not always "speak" the the transformation the Spirit promises. Pentecost is a time to begin again to live the Gospel without limits.

Today, speak and live the Gospel simply and let the Lord work through you.

Have you ever experienced a personal Pentecost? How has it changed your life?

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