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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"I will not reject anyone who comes to me." Jn 6:37

Most of us have been rejected more than once. Sometimes it is as simple as not being chosen for a school play. At other times, a good friend walks away from us. Remarkably, depending on the things that matter to us most at any given time, rejection can linger, even cling to us after we have done everything we can to let go.

Perhaps that is why God's fidelity is so important to us, particularly as we try to enter more deeply into God's desire for us. The gospel of John especially focuses on God's inability to reject "anyone who comes to" him. Asking Peter whether the apostle loves him totally, Peter hesitates, saying only that he loves Jesus as a friend, but Jesus never wavers. Even though Peter is reluctant to love Jesus the way God loves him, Jesus says: Follow me. And he says the same to us.

No matter how often we turn away from God, God will continue to love us every time we lift our eyes and turn to him. This foundational truth about God never fails to lift our spirits and assure us that God not only loves us, but seeks us out especially when we are lost.

Today, let go of someone who has rejected you.

How have you experienced God waiting for you?

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