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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mary's Delight

"Nothing will be impossible for God." Lk 1:35

Too many people try too hard to change themselves and change the world. They diet, get active politically, and encourage others but often for the wrong reason. Thinking, believing, even hoping that their efforts will be enough to make them comfortable and peaceful, they ignore the deeper reality. We live in God's world, and while it is important to work, pray and serve others with generosity, the results are not ours to control or distribute. We work for God's reign, not our own.

God can and will do anything, but the lens with which to view God most clearly is love. God loves creation, us, and all people. God's love is not weak, and is often deeply challenging. When we fail to witness to God's all encompassing love, our lives fail to announce the Good news, and God must remind us of this.

More often than not God gets our attention by allowing us to enter the unimaginable darkness that surrounds so many lives. When we have no answers to random acts of violence, we very painfully learn our limitations and realize that unless we turn our lives and life itself over to the all merciful God, we will walk a confused and distracted path that seems to have no answers or end.

Only when we let go and pray for the gift of acceptance can we be free. That's what happened to Mary when she said yes to the unimaginable, and it can happen to us as well.

Today, pause to remember in whose world we live.

How do you manage events and people you don't understand?

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