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Monday, November 26, 2012

The End

"Do not follow them." Lk 21:8

When we are desperate, we are tempted to follow anyone or anything. A serious illness, a child's disappearance into addiction, or the promise of wealth when we are struggling financially, can cause us to make very bad decisions. So anxious are we for relief, we listen to voices within and without that help us escape but not endure our trials through faith and authentic hope.

Jesus is clear. There will be people from every corner of our lives assuring us that they have the "answer" to our problems or concerns. When we listen and uncritically accept their directives or advice, we are almost certain to follow a path to nowhere. We might be more settled financially or find some temporary relief from our heavy hearts, but unless we learn to enter the darkness with trust in God, we will take the easiest path over and over without peace.

As Jesus prepares his disciples for life without him, he advice is caring and kind but uncomfortable. Don't run away. Don't expect to live without suffering or confusion, but be assured that I will be with you even to the end of time.  (Mt 28:20)

Today, sit still wherever you are and accept the discomfort of life as it is.

What voices do you listen to in crisis?

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