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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christ the King

"My Kingdom does not belong to this world."

When Jesus is asked whether he is the King of the Jews, he responds clearly and unequivocally that his Kingdom is not of this world, thereby rejecting a title that does a disservice to his Father and our faith. That the church celebrates Christ the King is simply a path to help believers and unbelievers understand that Jesus' role is not fundamentally political or hierarchical. Rather, calling Christ a King reminds everyone that the powerful in this world do not have ultimate authority over humankind. Only God does.

As we end another liturgical year, we pause to remember this foundational truth. God is at the center of all that is. We emerge from God's loving heart and return to God as shepherd, bread of life, flowing waters of salvation and King. We belong to God in all ways and for all time. God, like a father, watches over us, challenges us and unconditionally loves us despite our stumbles and sins. We have only to turn to God again at the end of a year to know that God is waiting, watching and anxious for our lives to be centered in love for God and all God's creation. In this way, Christ is our King.

Today, pause in gratitude for all that Christ does in us and through us.

Which title of Christ most draws you into the absolute mystery of God's love?

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