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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Opening Our Eyes

"What do you want me to do for you?" Mk 10:51

The question that Jesus asks the blind man amazes us. It seems so obvious that the blind man wants to see. Nevertheless, Jesus asks him what he wants, insisting that the blind man speak directly about his needs, and it is only his answer that allows Jesus to heal him.

Being unable to see is a terrible burden, but not death dealing. In the ancient world, it was viewed as a punishment for sin, but Jesus disabuses his listeners of this interpretation. Rather, he asks a deeper question. Do we really want to see what is in front of us and act accordingly, or do we want to see in order to chart our own path?

The gospel demands that we use our eyes to see and address the evil in the world. When we see poor people being abused because they are poor, or racial minorities being dismissed because they are different than the majority population, we must act. It is not enough to see the wrong; we must find a way to address it.

Today, open your eyes and see whatever is in front of you?

Who has helped see and act?

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