Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"He is not God of the dead but of the living." Mk 12:27

Today's gospel has the Sadducees, in order to prove there is no resurrection, debating Jesus using the example of a woman whose husband dies and is forced to accept his brother as her husband in order to bear children in her first husband's name. According to the Levirate law, if her husband's brother also dies, the next brother must marry her.  While one might want to defend this practice in a society where women had no rights in order to protect a widow, that the woman has no voice in the process is startling at best and abusive at worst.

Thankfully, Jesus does not let himself be drawn into this controversy, but changes the direction of the debate by reminding his opponents that the after life is not a time or a place about which we know very much, but we do know that ours is a living God who loves us unconditionally. Our belief in the resurrection is simple. God, who loves us beyond measure, must surely want us to live with him forever.

Today, resist silly arguments and meditate on the glory that Christ has promised will be ours forever.

How do you imagine eternal life?

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