Monday, June 25, 2012

Asking for New Eyes

"Remove the wooden beam from your eye first." Mt 7:5

It is a truism that the behaviors in others that bother us the most are the actions we dislike in ourselves. Nevertheless, recognizing this when it is happening is often difficult, especially if we are angry or hurt. Wanting only to be rid of the feelings that disturb our peace, we blame others for how we feel.

Jesus knew this well. When he corrected the leaders of the Jewish community about laying heavy burdens on peoples shoulders while doing nothing to help them, he was calling them to transformation. While it was easy for the leaders to spot small infractions of the law, because they were concerned more with their own power than the spirit of the Torah, they found it difficult to celebrate the good they uncovered. The gospel challenges these destructive behaviors.

Life is very different when we look for the good in others rather than their faults. Full of compassion because we recognize our own weaknesses in others, we ask for the mercy of God to help all who suffer from the blindness of blaming others rather than working and living together for the good of all.

Today, notice the good in the lives of those closest to you.

What habits of others most annoy you, and how does the gospel help you respond?

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