Monday, May 14, 2012

St Matthias

"And the lot fell upon Matthias." Acts 1:26

St Matthias seems a good choice as patron saint for all of us. Chosen by lot to be an apostle, he disappears. We hear almost nothing more of him except that he was martyred around the year 63 CE.  Most of us have similar lives in faith. Chosen and called by name to follow the Lord, our lives though largely unremarkable, are important, not because we have become famous or well known, but because we have remained faithful.

Fidelity to God's word is the hallmark of every believing Christian, and we should never underestimate its importance. Though the foundations of houses especially those with an underground cellara, are rarely seen, they provide the house with stability. We do the same in our fidelity to God's word by trying to live a faith filled life and witnessing to the gospel in our daily lives.

Upon reflection, most of us would admit that the people whose example we follow and remain as pillars of faith for us are not the great saints about whom everyone knows. They are the husbands and wives, the mothers and fathers, the grandparents, mentors and soul friends who are the "underground cellars" of our lives. Though few will remember their names or deeds, they form the foundation of the church that, despite power struggles and doctrinal battles among the elite, remain our hope for the future.

Today, ask St Matthias to help you be quietly faithful to the gospel.

Who are the people that continue to shape your faith life?

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