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Thursday, January 19, 2012


While resentment is something that visits all of us from time to time, when we harbor it, it is a sin. It is that simple. Not only can resentment, which frequently leads to cynicism and bitterness, destroy the person holding onto it, it also hurts those around them.

Saul is full of resentment towards David, not because David did anything to him, but because the people love David more for his one act of bravery in slaying Goliath than for all the years of service he offered his people. While it is understandable that Saul feels resentment, his sin lies in preparing to have David killed because of his popularity.

Only the intercession of Saul's son Jonathan saves the day. Jonathan loves David and is willing to stand between David and Saul as a mediator. Jonathan's courage in speaking with his father about David's bravery saves David's life by helping Saul see that David's triumph actually enhanced Saul's power.

Jonathan's ministry of helping heal broken relationships is a powerful reminder to us to be grateful for those who are willing to stand in the midst of rage and confusion, not for their own advancement, but for the good of the entire community.

Today, thank God for the Jonathan's in your life.


  1. Your words are always inspiring - truly! There's a divine reason I named my miracle son Jonathan David. I love you.


    1. Thank you, Angela. Take care of Jonathan David. He is a precious gift.


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